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Jak oglądać mistrzostwa The International 11

Here's where and how to watch TI 11 (The International 11), the biggest event of the year for Dota 2.

The International is once again upon us, as teams from around the world are taking place on the big stage to compete for the biggest prize in Dota 2: the Aegis and eternal fame.

SteelSeries is proud to be the Official Peripherals Brand for the second year of the International Dota 2 Championships in Singapore. We're providing our award-winning gaming headsets, keyboards, mice, and other accessories such as mousepads to players, as well as for various events and casters. Our team will be right there, with our SteelSeries booth, providing live coverage and interviews, so keep an eye on our channels, especially the SteelSeries Twitch channel.

Let's figure out where you can watch The International 11 this year, which teams you should be rooting for, and what the grand prize is.

How to watch the International 11 Dota 2 Championships

The best way to watch Dota 2 TI is on Twitch (the stream is embedded above). Alternatively, there is the Dota 2 YouTube channel. You can also spectate in-game!

Dota 2 TI 11 Schedule

Dota 2 The International 11 Schedule.

The Group Stages take place first, happening from October 14th through 17th. In those, 20 teams compete to place in the Playoffs, where only 16 teams will make it. The Playoff begin on October 19th and take place through the 22nd.

All this leads to the Finals which take place over two days, October 28th and 29th, crowning the next world champion of Dota 2.

Tune in to the Playoffs starting this sobota, 19. październikath, at 9:00 PM CDT. Refer to the Dota 2 Schedule website for an interactive timeline that will display the times of the matches in your local timezone.

How much money is in the TI 11 prize pool?

Dota 2 prize pool.

As seen in the screenshot above, as of October 17th, the prize pool is $16 591 058, and that amount will keep rising. All the Dota 2 in-game purchases contribute to the pool at a 25% rate, mainly driven by the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass offers lots of goodies: from funny sounds to new visuals to entire skins.

We expect this prize pool to keep growing as the excitement for TI 11 reaches its zenith.

Which Dota 2 teams are we rooting for?

Dota 2 Team OG.

Of course, we're cheering on Red Bull OG and T1. Red Bull OG have already won TI twice, back-to-back. Could they become the only team in history to win three TI titles? We'll be holding our breath till the Grand Finals. Well, metaphorically.

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Cover and Red Bull OG photos are by Helena Kristiansson.