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Jak połączyć Aerox przez Bluetooth

Whenever you get a new device or you happened to buy a new Aerox mouse, you're probably looking to connect it via Bluetooth. The method to connect the mice is very simple.

When you get a new gaming wireless mouse, you'll want to connect it ASAP. That's pretty easy with our Aerox line, which includes many wireless devices.

Our mice such as the Aerox 5 Wireless use a powerful system called Quantum 2,0 Wireless, which allows either a 2.4GHz connection or Bluetooth 5,0 for most devices. While we recommend using a dongle for that easy 2.4GHz for lag-free gaming, sometimes you may want to opt for Bluetooth, especially for non-gaming tasks or on your other devices.

If you aren't sure how to Bluetooth connect to your PC, we'll show you how to Bluetooth connect your SteelSeries Aerox mouse.

How to Bluetooth Connect a SteelSeries Mouse

1. First, you will need access the Bluetooth menu on your PC.

Bluetooth mouse connection windows

You can do so by clicking on the lower right menu in Windows 11, or you can search for "Bluetooth" in the task bar to bring it up quickly. Click a large + symbol to initiate pairing from Windows.

2. Grab your Aerox and hold down the CPI button.

Aerox how to connect

The top button on your Aerox is a shortcut for changing the CPI. But! You can also hold it down as the first step to Bluetooth pairing... keep holding it for now.

3. On the underside, slide the notch toward the Bluetooth side (left).

Aerox Gaming Mouse

That should do it! Remember, do that while holding down the CPI button.

4. Windows should recognize the device now.

Windows connect mouse.

Now, the Aerox is paired with your device, so it can always Bluetooth connect to it.

And that's all you need to know on how to pair your gaming mouse with your PC. The process will be similar to other devices, you just have to initiate the pairing on them first.

Make sure to pick up a gaming mouse from SteelSeries today!

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