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Historie chwały: Battle Royale Week

It's definitely easy to create awesome memories in this genre. Let's see what the community shared with us.

Battle Royale games pump our blood like few other genres. The tension of waiting on your next fight, the stress of not knowing if you'll survive, and the exhilaration of being the last squad alive is like none other.

Through our social media channels, such as the SteelSeries Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, we've asked you for your favorite memories from Battle Royale games. We've picked our favorites to spotlight for Glory Stories. Game On!


From @alfredrudz9

Hard to forget your very first game!


From @still_serious

Your first chicken dinner also has to be unforgettable.


From @nnemanja_f

It must have been very interesting to be in the first wave of Fortnite players.


From @slickmartin

This is the winner right here, honestly.

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