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Escape from Tarkov: Lokalizacje skrytek na mapie Shoreline

Learn to make money fast in Escape From Tarkov. Our guide will get you to having fruitful runs in no time with a variety of useful methods. We'll take a look at stash locations in Shoreline.

Want to get richer while playing Escape From Tarkov? You need to plan and prepare your next route. Graj sprytniej, nie trudniej. Here's how to get around the Shoreline map and leave rich. This is a PMC stash running guide for Tarkov.

Shoreline Stash Locations

Map of Shoreline Stashes Tarkov

Right click the image and open it in a new tab to see it full-size. Map from Reddit

Shoreline is a great map for hidden stash looting as it will have at least 37 spawns. Most players won't know about these caches and you could simply collect them and get out without running into any other players.

There are multiple routes you can take depending on where you spawn, west or east of the river. Crossing the river is difficult.

Spawning west (left) of the river means you can run north, clearing out the village and swamp stashes. Afterwards follow the edge of the map all the way around resort to extract at road to customs.

Spawning east (right) of the river means you'll do a similar run in reverse. You'll spawn near Road to customs to head north and follow the edge of the map getting stashes along the way. Once you make it to swamp loot all the stashes there and head down to village to finish up. The tunnel extract is directly south of the village, so it should be fairly easy to get out once you make it to that area.

If you're more of a video person, samosh created a guide that runs you through all the caches and some of the best loot routes in Tarkov.

For detailed descriptions on finding the stashes, check out the Storeline Stash runs guide on GuideScroll.

Shoreline Key Spawn Locations

Shoreline Tarkov key spawn locations

Map by Masken from Escape From Tarkov Wiki

Keys are vital to opening rooms with great loot and unlocking new escape paths in Escape From Tarkov. With this handy reference guide, you can see key spawn locations in the Shoreline map. They are along the path to loot stashes, so you might as well check for the keys, too.

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Feature image map from GuideScroll

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