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Najlepszy sprzęt do gier RPG – uzbrój się i graj

Become who you were meant to be with the best possible gear for RPGs. Max out your comfort level stats with these gaming speakers and more.

We're kicking off the eleventh week of Game On with a crowd favorite: RPG games! Whether you're all about slaying billions of demons in Diablo, saving the galaxy in Mass Effect, or living out your cyber fantasy in Cyberpunk 2077 alongside Keanu Reeves, we want you to come equipped with the best gear possible.

Each week throughout the summer, as we celebrate various game genres, we have millions of free codes to giveaway through our SteelSeries Game On page, in addition to our RPG Gleam giveaways, so make sure to stay tuned to our channels.

Build the Ultimate Sound Stage with Arena 9

Arena 9 Gaming Speakers.

It's time to go all in. You'll hear how robust the orchestral soundtrack truly is with the Arena 9 gaming speakers, designed to turn your space into an epic gaming arena. With 5,1 surround sound (for the first time over a single USB connection!) This is the total package: four speakers, a center channel speaker, and a powerful 6,5" subwoofer. With 2-way speaker design, the woofers emit mid frequencies, while the tweeters focus entirely on crystal clear highs.

The 2 rear speakers contribute to surround sound, but they're also wirelessly connected to the front ones, so there's no need for cables running across your space. And speaking of connection, you won't have any issues setting up the Arena 9, since it has USB, optical, and 3.5mm jacks for a variety of your devices.

Top that off with awesome RGB emitting from the speakers for a dazzling light show that reacts to what's happening on your desktop. Arena 9 is truly the most powerful your RPG gaming setup can get. But it's not complete without...

Glide in Your Favorite World with the Aerox 5 Wireless

Aerox 5 Wireless Gaming Mouse.

When I think of RPG game sessions (Divinity 2, anyone?), I think about: comfort, precision, coolness. The Aerox 5 Wireless gaming mouse checks all the boxes. It's extremely fast, ultra lightweight, water-and-dust resistant, and also colorful. What else could you need?

Why is it important for a gaming mouse to be lightweight? Well, mainly for the comfort of use and health. It's just easier to use and move a lighter mouse, when it's not weighing down your hand, and even if you don't need to click all that fast in RPGs, there sure can be a lot of clicking, selecting, and adjusting in computer RPGs. I'd also expect RPG sessions to be generally pretty long and using a heavy mouse can be pretty straining on the hand and wrist in the long run.

The Aerox 5 (both wireless and wired, by the way) come with AquaBarrier™ technology, which is IP54 rated. This means any accidental spills of water as well as dust, dirt, and similar won't have an effect on the longevity of the product. It's like having elemental-resist gear on.

Finally, colorful RGB complements the mouse. You can adjust it freely using Engine in the GG app and even make it sync across other SteelSeries devices. Which actually goes great with...

Set the Atmosphere with QcK Prism Mousepad

QcK Prism Gaming Mousepad.

Mousepads are sort of a legacy item at SteelSeries. Our Qck gaming mousepads are best-sellers, and for a reason. With a durable, non-slip rubber base that works perfectly with the Aerox 5 Wireless, you'll be a master of the battlefield instantly. The incredibly high thread count and silky-smooth surface lend to optimizing that TrueMove Air Sensor in the mouse.

The star of the show, however, is the RGB. The QcK Prism mousepad features dynamic 2-zone RGB backlighting to easily create complementary light effects that both look cool and are informative. As mentioned, these can be in-sync with your keyboard and mouse, but there's even more.

You can enable Discord notifications that light up in specific ways, in-game alerts with supported titles, and even use the mousepad as an audio visualizer. There are so many possibilities, so not only your RBG setup will be complete with this mousepad, you can also program it to inform you about certain things. Neat.

Color your world with PrismCaps

PrismCaps keyboard caps.

Customization is a big deal. Just like how you upgrade your character and your party throughout RPGs, your mechanical keyboard might be in for a change. These double shot PBT keycaps are extremely durable, engineered for long-term durability even with heavy use.

You can enhance your gaming keyboard's RGB even further as the pudding-style design features translucent sides and letters. The PrismCaps are available in black, white, and our newly released pink.

They're compatible with most mechanical keyboards, including our Apex 5, Apex 7 & TKL, Apex Pro & TKL.

Ready to get your Game On in RPG games? Make sure to stay tuned to the SteelSeries Twitch for special streams this week and visit our Game On page for free, exclusive downloadable codes!

Game On RPG Week.